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ESVO Meeting Berlin 2022

September 29 – October 2, 2022

the European Society of Veterinary Ophtalmology Conference

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Welcome message

Dear colleagues,

The whole word is in unpredictable global pandemic situation and we all have to be very flexible. ESVO has prepared for you last two years conference with high scientific level, full of practical information and presentations with target to increase our practical ability in the lens surgery. Comparing advantages and disadvantages of virtual program we have decided in cooperation with our key speakers to postpone this conference format to 2022, because we feel the importance of hands on training in intraocular surgery and that the “in person” format would allow you to take a greater advantage of this meeting. But don’t worry, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy our main speakers Dr. Enry Garcia da Silva and Dr. DJ Haeussler in Berlin, September 29 – October 2, 2022 in person meeting.

The 2021 ESVO conference will take place on October 2–3, 2021, as previously announced, with a scientific program especially designed for the Online format. Topic is “TIPs and TRICKs in various subjects of veterinary ophthalmology”. We are glad to announce list of excellent and well known speakers from different part of the word: for example Cristina Seruca, Joe Wolfer, Doug Esson, Akihiko Saito, David Williams, Robin Stanley, Stefan Kindler. We are sure, experience and opinion of experts from Canada, US, Europe, Japan, Australia or Germany, will be extremely interesting and useful to all of us. All of them will be ready to answer your questions during panel discussion. There are many reasons to attend it.

During all congress days’, sponsors and exhibitors will present you the most recent innovations in the veterinary ophthalmology market, virtual stands will be prepared and ready to welcoming you. Oral presentation will be prepared for you as well.

Only social program will be limited, but presentation of the best “eye” picture will be ready.

To get more details pls visit www.esvomeeting2021.org.

We all apologize for last moment changes, but the health and safety of our members, participants, partners and organizers is our priority and to give you top class scientific program and training with updated information as well.

Best personal regards and hope to see all of you soon.

Jiri Beranek
Chairperson of ESVO 2021 conference
Thomas Boillot
ESVO president
Paola Cassarani
ESVO scientific officer


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